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Creating a Community of Sharing With Your Mom Friends

Creating a Community of Sharing With Your Mom Friends | Columbia SC Moms BlogKids need a LOT of stuff. There’s just no getting around it. 

Diapers, wipes, formula, burp cloths, blankets, pull-ups, car seats, booster seats, clothes, food, toys, shoes, bedroom furniture . . . I could go on and on. But the point is there is a quite a bit of equipment that comes with having kids. And all of these things can add up very quickly and put quite a dent in your wallet. 

So how do you provide the things your children need and not completely blow your budget out of the water?

Create a community of sharing with your mom friends.

My circle of mom friends are some of the sweetest, kindest, giving, and most loving women I know! And there is nothing we all wouldn’t do for each other. One of the things I love the most about my friends is that every single one of them is very generous. We all share things with each other and help each other out in good times and bad. Here are three ways we help each other out the most.

Pass Down Outgrown Clothes

All of our children range in ages from just a few months old to eight years old, with a couple more on the way. When someone has a child who has outgrown clothes, they pass them along to someone else in our group. One of my friends has twin boys and since I won’t be having any more children, I pass my sons’ clothes down to her when my youngest outgrows them. We all do the same thing with shoes, toys, baby gear, etc. It’s one big circle of passing items around! We have even passed clothes among ourselves. 

Creating a Community of Sharing With Your Mom Friends | Columbia SC Moms Blog

Trade Babysitting

Babysitters can get expensive so my mom friends and I help each other out with babysitting. We all watch each other’s children from time to time for appointments, emergency’s, date nights, etc. I work part-time from home but occasionally need to go into the office. One of my close friends is always willing to come over and watch my youngest for me while I head into work. And I, in turn, will watch her daughters for her. It’s what we all do for each other. No complaining. No questions asked. No expectations. Just because we love each other. 

Offer Unconditional Support & Love

The best thing about my mom friends, though, is when someone has a crisis, we all gather around that person and do what we can for them.

Some of us have had financial problems. When that occurred all my friends gathered around those moms in our group and helped provide them with basic necessities like diapers, wipes, baby food, shoes, etc. We even help each other out with zoo admission, so no one has to miss out on an outing together. There have been times when someone has experienced the loss of a family member, a miscarriage, had a new baby, or moved to a new neighborhood or a new country even (yep, had one of those!).

And EVERY TIME my mom friends have supported that person.

We’ve made meals, passed moving boxes around, watched each other’s kids, prayed together, cried together and have provided an ear to listen.

This is the best kind of sharing. When we simply love on each other and give generously of our time and ourselves without giving it a second thought. It has become second nature for myself and all of my friends to share with each other in this way. And it’s the greatest feeling ever! 

It feels good to be surrounded by a community of women who love and support each other each and every day.

Me and my amazing group of friends!

How do you create a community of sharing among your mom friends?

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