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Deep Cleaning Made Easy … with CottageCare!

Note: This post is sponsored by CottageCareI was given a complimentary house cleaning by CottageCare; however, all opinions are 100% my own. 


I’ve never had my house cleaned by someone else… until today. It was definitely a first time experience and I am grateful to CottageCare for making it so pleasant.

I admit that when it comes to my home, I’m a controlling neat freak. Whether that is organized chaos or having my floors vacuumed and swept daily by myself or my children — who were trained by yours truly. My kids have a Monday – Friday chore chart we stick to religiously. Needless to say we were all elated to have a day off and let CottageCare come take care of the dirty work for us … literally!

First Interactions

Scheduling my appointment was easy, and they were able to set up a time within a few days that worked best with my schedule. Unfortunately, I had to reschedule at the last minute due to a family emergency. When I called with my change of plans, the staff was very understanding and accommodating. They didn’t make me feel like it was an inconvenience at all, which I appreciated.

The day before my rescheduled cleaning, Jennifer, the manager of the Columbia CottageCare location, called to confirm and let me know she was sorry about my family emergency. I thought this was extremely thoughtful and showed they care about their clients as individuals, not just another number.

Finally, the day arrived! I couldn’t wait to have someone else take over the duties! The cleaning professional was right on time, as well as friendly and efficient. We chatted a bit and I found out she has been with CottageCare for almost 8 years! Talk about dedication and job loyalty! I felt confident in her abilities and the company knowing they had such seasoned employees.

The Actual Cleaning

One thing that really attracted me to CottageCare is they bring all their own supplies, so I didn’t have to worry if I had enough Windex or was low on toilet bowl cleaner. But even better than that is the products they use are eco-friendly and they actually WORK.


They really know how to get tough stains off the stove. And did you know a ceiling fan collects dust even when it’s running? Thanks CottageCare!

As someone with allergies, the types of products used are really important to me. Eco-friendly can mean the difference between a really great day and a really bad day. It’s that bad for me.

My allergy to dust is so severe that I get weekly allergy shots and take an antihistamine daily. I fall behind on dusting because when I do it stirs all kinds of things into the air, causing me to sneeze — A LOT. It just doesn’t seem worth it. However, when CottageCare cleaned my house (dusting included), I didn’t sneeze once — and I was there the entire time! As an added bonus, my home wasn’t left smelling like pine, bleach, or vinegar, which can also irritate allergies. Everything just looked sparkly clean! I truly appreciate the non-toxic and non-abrasive cleaners they use.

Once my home cleaning was complete, I have to admit the room I was most impressed with was the bathroom. I have some hard stains on my white tubs and countertops that even the hardest scouring with bleach can’t get out. CottageCare used their amazing eco-friendly products that left my bathtub looking brand new. I can’t wait to use it!

I absolutely love a clean bathroom!

I can’t remember the last time my countertops were this white! CottageCare’s cleaning products work wonders on hard stains!

Tailored Services Based on YOUR Needs

One thing I love about CottageCare is you don’t have to get your entire house cleaned by one of their professionals. Hate kitchen clean-up duty? No problem. Bathrooms and your laundry room seem too much to handle? They have you covered. You can choose to have one or two rooms cleaned — or your entire house. It’s up to you. They offer individually tailored house cleaning services to meet your needs and budget. Whether you just want your bathroom, kitchen, dusting and vacuuming, furniture, post construction cleaning, garage cleaning or hardwood cleaning services — talk about cleaning made easy!

A Focus on Commitment

But even better is the company’s longevity and commitment. Founded in the 70s, their focus has always been on putting the customer first while using products that are not harmful to the environment, not just with the recent popular trend. I felt this same commitment today. They treated me with care and respect, while offering a thorough cleaning as if it were their own home. I would absolutely use them again, and experienced firsthand what puts their cleaning service heads above the rest. Give them a try — you won’t be disappointed!

Freedom from Housework … It’s a fabulous feeling!

Disclaimer:  This was a sponsored post for Cottage Care, but all views and options are entirely my own.

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