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The Instant Pot :: A Hot Mess Mom’s One True Appliance Love

You all know her, the mom who is always late, who is over-committed and over-scheduled and over-trying to make sure her kid’s socks match. Maybe you are her. I know I am. I am a full-time working mom who serves on boards, writes for two local blogs, attends and even occasionally plans civic engagement … and almost always forgets to plan something for dinner. 

And in the time-honored tradition of marriage, every night starts with a volley of the dreaded question: what’s for dinner? 

I have wasted hours, maybe even days of my life, on this inane conversation. And then I heard about this magical contraption, the Instant Pot. All the mamas on Facebook were raving and they all swore it was fool-proof. So when I saw it on sale over the summer, I added it to my cart and voila! I was a hot mess mom no more.

Just kidding. 

I waited a scant six months before opening this supposedly life-changing appliance, but once I did, I was a convert. The Instant Pot is a modern upgrade to a pressure cooker, allowing you to cook from frozen in less than an hour. That’s right – thawing is for planners. Instant Pots are for the panic-stricken. 

And what’s even better is it’s nearly impossible to ruin a meal! Even if you refuse to follow the most basic of instructions! Like the first time I made hard-boiled eggs in my Instant Pot. Not only did I blatantly disregard the need for a trivet, I doubled the amount of water recommended and forgot that you needed ice to give your eggs an ice bath.

But you know what? They turned out fine! Edible even! No, they’re not Pinterest-worthy but when most of the food you cook gets fed to the dog by a toddler, does it even matter?

There are literally thousands of recipes available for those more adventurous mamas and any number of ways to mess those recipes up for the mamas like me, but with the Instant Pot, it’ll be fine!

Do you have an Instant Pot? What’s your favorite recipe to ignore?

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