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What Happens When I Let My Daughters Dress Themselves

What Happens When I Let My Daughters Dress Themselves - Columbia SC Moms BlogI used to be the mom whose children never left the house unless the outfit they were wearing was stain free and perfectly matched.

Keyword … USED TO BE.

I grew tired of fighting with them…

“No, the purple polka dot unicorn shirt does not go with the tie dye shorts with the pom pom fringe”

“No, it’s 30 degrees outside, you’re not wearing the super thin spaghetti strapped spring dress, besides you grew out of that LAST YEAR!”

“This is the 3rd time you’ve worn that shirt this week, it’s got ketchup on it!”

And then there is always the fight that happen when I chose their outfits…

“MOOOOOOOOOM! My friends won’t like this!”

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! That’s dark purple with pink lines, I want the dark purple with red lines!”

“Really, Mom?! No.” 

Did I forget to mention my girls are 6 and 4?

So. I started letting them dress themselves. The fight honestly, wasn’t worth it. We have an understanding. They’re allowed to wear whatever they wish, but there are guidelines. I can dictate the type of clothes dependent on weather, if we’re going somewhere where dress needs to be specific (sorry, honey, you can’t wear your cowboy boots, princess crown and ballet recital outfit to the wedding), and I can veto if there are stains or it doesn’t fit correctly.

Here are some of the classics:


Why not be ready for Easter in Christmas pants?


St. Patrick’s Day wouldn’t be the same without a 4-leaf clover skirt matched with a bright flowered shirt, right?


Pajamas for the day. Fine, whatever, kid.


This one, isn’t that bad… though… not sure what the deal is with the leggings.


Plaid shorts. Polka dot shirt. Sperry shoes with no socks. Makes perfect sense.


Socks with sandals is in, right???


Ready to go play with friends. Or a motorcycle gang in Hawaii?


A hot spring day in South Carolina. Gotta wear all purple and boots. And look like a tough guy.


Halloween skirt. Hawaii shirt. Sneakers with no socks… this kid has a theme.


This wouldn’t be so bad if the shirt underneath the hooded shirt wasn’t another long sleeved hooded shirt. And of course, dress shoes, no socks.


Who would know this kid didn’t just roll out of bed. Yes, those are cats on her leggings… er… pajamas.


Love the rain boots. Actually. I love this entire photo.


There are no words.


And sometimes, I let them do their make up …


But to prove, that my kids can wear cute outfits, they picked these out for Christmas 2015… though… the socks.

Someday they’ll get it right, right? Until then, I’ll take photos, chuckle a bit, and be glad my girls aren’t afraid to be themselves and express their unique, individual personalities.

Do you let your kids dress themselves? What has been your experience?

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One Response to What Happens When I Let My Daughters Dress Themselves

  1. Hilda
    Hilda May 29, 2016 at 10:07 pm #

    I LOVED this post! Hilarious. I am at the point where I am ready to let my 5 yo dress herself. I am done controlling it. So tiring, especially with 2 younger siblings to care for too..what I haven’t thought of is taking pictures! Awesome. One day I can use them for blackmailing purposes, lol

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