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#momfails are My Life and My Biggest Blessings

#momfails are My Life, and My Biggest Blessings | Columbia SC Moms BlogDo you ever have those moments when you just feel like a total failure?!? 

It happens to the best of us, so please don’t be so hard on yourself. My most recent #momfail moment has actually been a pleasant surprise! And the key to keeping my sanity, and my confidence as a mom to two, is to find the positive … no matter how tiny. As long as there is ANY good to find, I don’t feel like Such. A. Failure. 

Let Me Set The Mood…

It was day three of what I thought was a case of food poisoning (ha! I wish it was that easy). Having finally gotten in the shower, this mama was in heaven shampooing these long locks. Seriously, washing my hair after two days of chasing TWO rambunctious toddlers is magical! So, back to the scene; off in a daydream about meeting a friend for some coffee and going for a pedicure when suddenly I hear little footsteps. I hear my 4-year-old son, “Hey mom, look what I did!” Uh oh… 

Normally, I would have showered the night before so that I wouldn’t have to trust my little stinkers. Unfortunately, I was just too sick and could barely stand for longer than 5 minutes without this killer pain attacking my insides. For the most part, my kids can be trusted … that is until this day in particular. 

I’m in the shower, half panicked and half curious. Do I dare find out?!? I slowly pull back the shower curtain and peek out. Immediately I gasp! What am I looking at right now??? No. No way is this happening. Staring back at me is this little face with a huge smile and a sense of accomplishment. But what he looked like was a half dressed toddler with the craziest reverse Mohawk haircut! 

cut his own hair | Columbia SC Moms Blog

It Gets Better…

So much for a relaxing shower. Now it’s time to get back to #momlife and fix this situation, because honestly – that’s what we do. At this point, my adorable and sassy little two and a half year old daughter has joined us. She’s just blabbing away and life is just peachy keen in her world. Take me there with you sister!! 

Not too much longer and the boy has left us, on to more important things like Disney Jr. Once alone, I ask Sadie Mae if she was the one who cut her bub’s hair. “No I didn’t!” Love the confidence and quick response, which makes me think she’s not so innocent. I decided I needed to start recording this interrogation for evidence. Here come the Snapchat stories (They truly make me laugh now!). 

The videos included the set up of our story, some interviews with little miss and then … Dun Dun Dunnnn … I ran my fingers through the side of my daughter’s head and ended up with curls in my palm!!!! <Begin Full ON PANIC mode> For real this time, I was going to have an accident in my fresh undies. The more I inspected her head, the more hair started to fall out! Oh, when the poop hits the fan… 

cut her own hair | Columbia SC Moms Blog

I originally thought it could be masked with the other curls around it but no, there was no saving that. I took a moment to mourn the loss of her beautiful curls, looked at her now choppy side and wondered, “What do I even do with this?!?”

Then it was like a light bulb went off in my head. Since I was already going to shave my son’s head, why not just shave the side of Sadie Mae’s head, too? I have seen plenty of the side shaved head style, granted they were all on adult women but still, it gave me an idea. 

So begins the journey of embracing a #momfail, realizing this was meant to be and moving forward with a positive outlook. As I was shaving the side of her head, I kept thinking how amazingly adorable this new haircut was on her. I did wonder whether or not she would be stared at, made fun of or just judged. Then I quickly erased all of those thoughts. If I subconsciously think these thoughts, it will only attract that type of behavior from others and that is not what I want. So I began telling myself how she will stand out, and in the best possible way. She will embrace this new do and truly grow in to the little person she is beginning to become. 

embracing #momfail | Columbia SC Moms Blog

This #momfail of mine was such a big moment for me. It allowed me to give myself the grace I deserve and show other moms out there that GREAT things can come out of what we deem unpleasant. Yes, I totally have learned my lesson about leaving safety scissors out and no, I’m not a bad parent. Things happen, LIFE happens. But if we can embrace the mess, show ourselves some grace and be willing to share with others, the universe throws back so much joy and light into your life. 

Show yourself some grace, find the humor and laugh. Life is already hard enough, and we all judge ourselves too harshly. Be kind to yourself and acknowledge life’s little blessings … no matter how little you think they may be. 

What is one of your #momfail moments? 

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