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New Water Park :: The Fix for Birthday Party Woes & Summer Blues

New Water Park :: The Fix for Birthday Party Woes & Summer Blues - Columbia SC Moms Blog

The thought of having a water park here in Richland County is exciting for moms. We spend summers trying to get the kids active. We want them outside. We want them to release all that energy so we can nap get laundry done. But we are, after all “Famously Hot,” so anything that does not involve water is basically out from June through September. A water park within driving distance (and by “driving distance,” I mean less than 30 minutes – if you have a 3 year old, you understand the true meaning of “driving distance”) is a great option for summer days.

And then there’s the birthday party dilemma. Columbia has a lot to offer for birthday party options: Edventure, State Museum, the Zoo, parks . . . but can you get away with a three-peat for the birthday location? Would you want to? Wouldn’t you love an additional option? The water park being considered by the County, I am told, will have a birthday party shelter that can be rented for events – birthdays, reunions, and I could even envision a church youth group gig there.  Of course, your December birthday kids are still stuck with very few options, no matter how you slice that birthday cake.

So, here’s the scoop I have on the proposed park: to be located in Northeast Richland County. The features being considered are a wave pool, lazy river (you know where I’ll be), tube slides, and kiddie play lagoon for the little ones. Plus, the events pavilion.

The second phase of the project would include an Adventure Park with things like ropes courses, but the water park comes first. And I say, bring it. It would take a few years for all of this to happen, but you can go ahead and start using it as bribe: “if you don’t get your homework done this year, you can’t be there on opening day.”

I am excited about the new water park. We need more things for kids to do. I could use the exercise and the sun (and the long naps afterwards).

The water park will be coming up for discussion on Richland County Councils meeting on March 15 at 6:00 p.m. The water park will be paid for through revenues of the folks using the park but County Council needs to approve the sale of bonds to get it built. The bonds will be paid for through park revenues. 

If you feel as strongly as I do that our community needs this facility, we are asking that you attend the Council meeting and speak on behalf of the water park! The meeting is held at 2020 Hampton St, 2nd floor in the Council Chambers. You can sign up to speak prior to the meeting and each person will have 2 minutes to support the water park. Council members need to know we want the water park!

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