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Take Your Child’s Ballet Instruction to the Next Level with Pavlovich Ballet School

Columbia SC Moms Blog is honored to partner with Pavlovich Ballet School to bring our readers the following post.

When I was a little girl, I dreamed of becoming a ballerina on the main stage. The thought of leaping and dancing, the grace and poise these professionals displayed, the classical music and beautiful tutus … it felt like where I was meant to be. But it also felt like something only dreams were made of. I didn’t know anyone who had actually become a ballerina, so how would I? And did that really happen to girls in the not so big city of Columbia?

Recently, on my quest to stay “in the know” of all things child related in the Columbia area, I came across Pavlovich Ballet School and my interest was peaked. This school was DIFFERENT. It was more than a studio that taught ballet for fun. It was the type of program that could have made my dreams as a little girl a reality.

Our team had the chance to visit Pavlovich Ballet School and find out more about what makes their program special and unique. If you have a dancer on your hands who is serious about ballet, here are five reasons you want to check this school out.

Instructors are Highly Skilled Professionals 

Not only are the instructors highly skilled in the areas they teach, they are also current dancers with the Columbia Classical Ballet. They are the individuals you see performing in professional productions around Columbia, such as the popular Nutcracker and so much more. This gives them the unique advantage of knowing (and teaching) what it’s like to perform on stage today, what the expectations are, and provide an insider scoop on succeeding as a ballerina beyond the classroom. Not only do the instructors love ballet, but they have dedicated their lives to learning, performing and instructing premier ballet methodology under Mr. Radenko Pavlovich‘s ownership, with 25 years history of instruction.

Specialized Curriculum Meets YOUR Child’s Needs and Potential 

Pavlovich Ballet School uses the world renown curricula set forth by Vera S Kostrovitskaya in 100 Lessons in Classical Ballet to instruct students in the prestigious and proven Vaganova method. The specialized curriculum is age appropriate, student centered and provides the individual attention needed to maximize each child’s fullest potential. This approach instills mastery of the basics to create a firm foundation to build into greatness as each student progresses onto the next level. Levels are not dictated by age, but upon the needs and accomplishments of the individual dancers. Because each child learns differently, this is a major advantage to take your child’s skills to the next level. 

Pavlovich Dance School 4
Pavlovich Dance School 7
Pavlovich Dance School 6

Many Students Continue as Professional Dancers

The history of Pavlovich Ballet School is the legacy they seek to establish for the future – the idea that success produces success. Mr. Pavlovich was the protégé of world famous Grand Ballet Master Rudolf Nureyev. After an illustrious personal dancing career, Pavlovich started Pavlovich Dance School to invest his knowledge and expertise into the next generation resulting in protégés of his own. The tradition of excellence continues. The accomplishments of previous and current students speak volumes about the quality and benefits of the instruction. Most notably are Brooklyn Mack of the Washington Ballet and most currently the up and coming, internationally award winning Koyo Yanagishima and Clément Guillaume

Students Have the Opportunity to Perform Onstage in Live Productions

Dancers at Pavlovich Ballet School also have the rare and beneficial opportunity to preform in a full length onstage production several times a year, before a live audience in a professional setting with current medal winning dancers of the highest caliber at Columbia Classical Ballet. This opportunity allows students to dream bigger, aim higher and be better prepared for a future in dance. It is truly one of the most exciting times for students and instructors alike, as they get to dance together and see what it’s like to be part of the bigger picture. 
Pavlovich Dance School 10
Pavlovich Dance School 3
Pavlovich Dance School 11

Students Love It

Dancers are dedicated to the school, the art of classical ballet, and there is a feeling of family. Students look forward to attending classes, even at a very young age. Because of the connection instructors have with their students, even the youngest dancers at three years old are actively engaged for an hour long class. The overall consensus of the dancers at any age is that Pavlovich Ballet School is like a home away from home, a safe and engaging place, where they are cared for and taught ballet at an advanced level they weren’t able to experience elsewhere. 

Try It For Your Family!

Are you ready to take your child’s ballet instruction to the next level? Join them and experience for yourself all the school has to offer by taking a complimentary class open to all incoming students. For more details on their one of a kind program, visit the Pavlovich Ballet School website. Don’t just wish your child had the opportunity to be a professional dancer, provide them with the foundation to make those dreams a reality.

Think your dancing days are over now that you’re the mom? Pavlovich Ballet School offers an adult drop-in class available every Thursday night at 7 p.m.


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