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Pregnancy and Vanity Sizing

Pregnancy and Vanity Sizing - Columbia SC Moms BlogI read an article recently in Real Simple magazine about women’s clothing sizes. And the gist of the whole article was how sizes have changed over the years: why, how, by whom, etc. What was most interesting to me, eye-catching almost, was a section about vanity sizing. As I read that part of the article, this one bit made me pull out a pen and circle:

…when you think you’re a 6 and find out you’re a 10. Your ‘appearance self-esteem’ goes down … you buy other things that can re-establish your appearance self-esteem: scarves, makeup, earrings – things that make you more attractive without implications of size.”



This is what happens to me every time I’m pregnant!! I literally sat there an pondered this information.

When I’m pregnant, I buy clothes out of total necessity. I don’t have shorts so I buy them. I didn’t have a black short-sleeved top the other day, so I purchased one at Old Navy.

The whole notion of not purchasing clothing, but other things, is so spot-on for me! This summer the majority of what bought was:

  1. Plants (I’ve added two to my office and a slew to the backyard)
  2. Makeup
  3. Shoes (my husband recently told me I had a problem…)
  4. Books for the kids
  5. Jewelry

I really couldn’t believe what I was reading in that article was so true! It’s almost as if the person who wrote it was watching me and taking notes on my shopping behavior.

Follow the pregnant girl and see what she shops for … no clothes!!!

Is this is true for you? Whether you’re pregnant or not at your ideal weight – are you shopping for everything other than clothes?

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