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3 Must-Have Books for New Moms

3 Must-Have Books for New Moms | Columbia SC Moms BlogNew moms get loads of advice, whether they ask for it or not! Personally, I’m not a fan of unsolicited advice, but IF asked, I do like to recommend books. 

Many people are split on whether reading books before having a child can really help. Yet one of the most common cliches we hear is: they don’t give you a manual on this stuff!

Actually, they do!

In fact, if you have a question about babies, there are probably three or four different answers out there. Reading baby books, or having them on hand, can make you feel less lost. It lets you focus your time and money on what matters most, and have options in mind when you hit sticky and unexpected bumps. Books aren’t about finding the perfect tool for every job (or approach for every different child), they are about filling your parent toolbox with things to help you.  

As a book lover who had lots of time to prepare, I ran across a few I highly recommend. Bonus: I’ve included links where you can own them for $10 or less!

Your Baby’s First Year Week by Week

You know what to expect when you’re expecting, but what about bringing baby home? From prepping to surviving the first 48 hours, this book tells you what to really expect. Then, learn what each doctor’s appointment and vaccine is for, what you can do to entertain your baby, and even how to recognize serious symptoms from mild ones.

This book is literally as fat as a Bible. But don’t let that scare you. Just use the handy Table of Contents and Index to find exactly what you need. Otherwise, these very short accessible chapters with drawings, can take you week by week of this super important, FAST era of development. It’s like getting that ‘baby is the size of’ update, but for that entire first year of life! Also, there are even helpful appendices. It’s currently just under $10 at Target.

Your Baby's First Year Week by WeekSleeping Through the Night: How Infants, Toddlers, and Their Parents Can Get a Good Night’s Sleep

For me, I knew getting sleep was a priority. Sleep deprivation makes me very sick very quickly. Plus, if I’m well rested, I’m a 100% better parent. As a result, I looked into a lot of safe sleeping options. Ultimately, this book was my favorite, and YES it worked for us. Best of all, it’s written by a doctor who is a pediatrician, a sleep specialist, and a pediatric sleep specialist. Dr. Jodi A. Mindell also has several children. I learned a lot of great science of sleep from this person who understands every child is different. 

My baby slept 12 hours a night from four months old to two years. It has led to easier toddler bedtimes, a happier me, and a very well developed child. Babies need sleep; we need sleep. Actually, we need sleep more than water or food, literally. If you take it seriously, get this book. You’ll want to build good habits from the beginning – it’s not just about baby’s habits, and this is not just for newborns. This is my favorite baby book period.  And it’s just $2 for the paperback at Barnes and Noble!

On the Go Baby: A Stress-Free Guide from Getting Across Town or Across the World

I purchased this last book because I was afraid of becoming the person who never leaves the house with kids. I was worried I’d never have those spontaneous adventures anymore. Usually, traveling with a baby is more challenging. Just getting out the door becomes a job. This book helps you figure out all the craziness of traveling with a child. It includes wonderful color images, accessible chapters, and is small like a pamphlet set up like a travel guide. Best of all, it is chock full of practical advice on traveling with a baby – from your first outing to international flights!

Author Ericka Lutz touches anything and everything from packing to saving money. People who saw me traveling often did not think this was my first child. So, skip that stress; take the trip; buy this book. Then, grab those keys – plastic and real- and go! (You can find it on Amazon).

What parenting books do you recommend? 

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