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Top 10 Snacks Worth Buying At Aldi

Top 10 Snacks Worth Buying at Aldi | Columbia SC Moms BlogWe are big snackers in my family. While I would love to always have the time to make healthy snacks, it is usually easier for me to pull something out of the pantry or fridge that is ready to go. Since buying ready-made snacks can really add to our shopping budget, I’ve found the best snack deals at Aldi! 

Aldi is a German grocery store chain with four locations in Columbia. I would say going to Aldi is a treasure hunt. You probably won’t find everything you need, but often you will find incredible deals that beat Walmart or Dollar Store prices. If you’ve never been to Aldi, be sure to check out our article on Tips for Shopping and Saving Money at Aldi.

Without further ado, here are our top 10 wonderful treasure snack finds at Aldi…

1. Fruit Rope

Although it looks like a Twizzler, this fruit rope is made primarily of apple puree. They have a few different flavors, and I love that it is really soft and easy for my son to bite and chew. Aldi also sells fruit leather, but I’ve found it’s easier for us to handle the fruit rope. 

2. Fruit/Veggie Pouches

So far, these pouches are the cheapest per ounce that I’ve found in the Columbia area. They also sell different flavored applesauce pouches in sets if you have kids that don’t want to branch out into other fruit or veggie blends. 

3. Veggie Straws

These are basically glorified potato chips, so I try to use them sparingly. The fact that they have veggie residue makes me feel a little better about buying them. They’ve been great bribery for my son while out running errands. 

4. Fresh Produce

Aldi prices almost always beat other grocery stores. However, the variety is limited. We’ve had our best luck with grapes, strawberries, blueberries, peppers, avocados, and apples. 

5. Almonds

They sell salted and unsalted almonds (as well as many other nut varieties) at Aldi. We prefer the unsalted kind as they have a sweet aftertaste. 

aldi almonds | Columbia SC Moms Blog6. Guacamole

Aldi sells prepared guacamole in individual 100 calorie servings, as well a larger tub of guacamole. I really like this option for a quick protein boost. Their flavors are pretty strong, so I usually tried to add extra avocado or pair it with something less flavorful.

7. Peanut Butter Pretzels

These have been great for our whole family. They store well, and when our son was younger I would crack open the pretzel and just feed him the soft peanut butter filling.  

8. String Cheese

Again, I have found the Aldi brand of string cheese to be cheaper than other stores. We usually get the twist with mozzarella and cheddar cheese. 

9. Hummus

Aldi has a great selection of hummus! You can get a tub of one flavor or they have a variety pack where you can try several out at a time.

10. Multigrain Tortilla Chips

These are the best brand of multigrain chips I’ve found so far. They have multigrain, tortilla dippers, and black bean chips, all of which have a variety of grains in them. Our favorite has the black bean chips, but lately they seem to be out of stock.

What are your favorite snacks from Aldi?

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