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Tutu School :: What Ballerina Dreams Are Made Of

Tutu School ColumbiaDid you ever dream about being a ballerina when you were a young girl? I can still remember daydreaming about pretty pink leotards, tutus, ballet shoes, and twirling around on tip-toes when I was growing up. Those thoughts never left me, and when I had a daughter of my own I could tell she shared this same passion.

From infancy she showed signs of loving music and dance. Any little beat would inevitably get those tiny legs bumping and arms pumping, and this hasn’t changed in the three years since she entered our lives. I knew I wanted to enroll her in some sort of program. But which one?

There are SO many dance studios around the Columbia area. While many of my friends have daughters participating in dance competitions and recitals, I never quite felt like that is where we needed to be. Then one day I saw a post from the blog’s Hanging With Heroes event about this really adorable studio, Tutu School, and it completely captivated my attention. I had to know more!

First Impressions

So naturally, once I come across something that really peaks my interest, I must search online and read all about it. And all I can say is WOW! Their website had me giddy at the thought of the amazing introduction to ballet my precious daughter would experience, and I loved the thought of a space for creative dance the school offers. It was everything I remembered dreaming about as a young girl. I knew it was just the type of place I had been looking for, and couldn’t wait to sign my daughter up

Our Experience :: A Fairytale Brought to Life & More!

We felt so welcomed when we arrived. The owner, Tracie Trammell, remembered meeting me at the Hanging With Heroes event. Feeling like I wasn’t just another dance mom was definitely a bonus. 

The studio itself was like every girl’s fairytale come to life! Gorgeous tutus displayed on the walls, décor fit for a ballerina princess, and a stunning dance floor – truly breathtaking. It’s definitely everything you would imagine from the name Tutu School.

The layout was perfect. There is a sitting area for the parents with a small partition separating the dance floor. There is no glass or wall, so you can easily walk over to your child if they become anxious or nervous. It certainly helped my little ballerina become adjusted and comfortable. She was able to run over between exercises for a quick hug and high five! (Truth be told, I was pretty happy about that also.) 

At the end of the class, Tracie gathered the little dancers and she read Part 2 of the Nutcracker. They always end with a story to teach the students more about the art of ballet. They even had coloring time with a picture from the Nutcracker. My girl was definitely all about that! 

Playdates, Birthday Parties & Fun

I’m REALLY excited about their most recent upcoming event, a Sugar Plum Playdate, scheduled for Thursday, Dec. 21. What a great way to get in the holiday spirit! Guests can enjoy a mini class, a sweet cupcake, and decorate their own wands or crowns. It’s like a mini princess party … and it’s completely FREE! Space is limited, so be sure to register ahead of time to join in all the fun. 

Not only does Tutu School offer playdates as a bonus, but they also throw parties for your sweet little dancers. They have three different tiers of parties that mainly include dress up, crown crafts, mini ballet class, birthday story performance including the guest of honor, and a cupcake picnic. I can picture the smile on my sweet girl’s face now! It would truly be a birthday to remember. Find out all the details on their Odette, Cinderella, or Sugarplum themed parties. 

Your First Class FREE

Every child should know what it feels like to dance, and Tutu School allows your little one to experience this with your first class free! It’s a great way to see if it’s a good fit for your family. And with year round registration, you can join at any time and find the perfect class to meet your needs. 

Our experience was a great success, and I can’t thank Tracie and the Tutu School enough for giving us such a great place to have fun with my little dancer. If you have a child between the ages of 18 months and 8 years, I would highly recommend. Happy twirling!

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