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What’s Your “Mom” Type?

What’s Your "Mom" Type - Columbia SC Moms BlogMy oldest daughter has finally gotten to the age where she is starting to develop a long-term memory. Which makes me think, I probably need to start getting my act together. Meaning, I need to start honing my parenting style. But, what kind of mother do I want to settle on becoming? Let’s consider some options.

The “Tiger” Mom

She is a soccer-coaching, dance-recital-going, “get-up-your-fine-ing”, camp-scheduler type. She may or may not have been number one on her high school tennis team, president of the student council, and can put away a bottle of wine pretty handily.

The “Free to be you and me” Mom

She is a baby-wearing, homemade-baby-food-making, edible-finger-painting, cloth-diapering, mom-blogging (wink) type. She may or may not have been president of her high school recycling club, and dated a guy with dreadlocks in college.

The “June Cleaver” Mom

She is a put-together, slim-and-trim, play-date-arranging, craft-table-making, double-stroller-jogging, dinner-on-the-table-by-6:00 type. She may or may not have been prom queen and on Wednesdays she wears pink.

The “Mary Poppins” Mom

She is a game-playing, hop-scotching, fort-building, puppeteer-ing, backyard-camping, magic-making type. She may or may not have had a class before 2:00 in college and can do the longest keg stand you’ve ever seen.

The “Juggler” Mom

She is a volunteering, can’t-say-no-ing, 9 to 5-ing, home-room-moming, promotion-getting, Sunday-school-teaching, late-fee-regular type. She may or may not have run a babysitters’ club in high school, nannied in college, and has a collection of parking tickets.

Whether you’re one of these types, none of these types, or a combination of many, we are ALL doing our best to make our children the best version of themselves! Which mom are you?

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